Hidden Utility of Huawei Bm622 CPE (telnet)
Login in Telnet utility

Click Start , click Run application from the Start menu , type telnet in the dialog box then click Ok button or in some way open command prompt , type telnet in the then press Enter to access the telnet protocol of the device.

Type wimax in the login line and wimax820 as password in the next line and after being verified the ATP (Address Telnet Protocol) will be displayed. And from there, you can view the hardware description, enable, disable and change settings of the device.

“To view the commands in telnet utility of the device, type ? (question mark)”

Changing Mac Address of the device

What is mac address?

A MAC address (Media Access Control address) (also called an Ethernet address or an IEEE MAC address) is a number (typically written as twelve hexadecimal digits, 0 through 9 and A through F, or as six hexadecimal numbers separated by periods or colons, i.e. 4C54996E2501, 4C:54:99:6E:25:01 which uniquely identifies a computer that has an Ehternet interface. Unlike the IP number, it includes no indication of where your computer is located. In DHCP’s typical use, the server uses a requesting computer’s MAC address to uniquely identify it.

Step 1. login to the telnet utility

Step 2.

“Considering in this example that 64:16:F0:C5:93:F8 is an active and unblocked WAN MAC address.”
Enter setallmacaddr that 64:16:F0:C5:93:F8 in the ATP then press Enter. Automatically the three MAC addresses of the device will be updated, that 64:16:F0:C5:93:F8 for WAN, that 64:16:F0:C5:93:F7 for WIMAX and that 64:16:F0:C5:93:F9 for LAN, After then, type exit and press Enter to exit from the utility.

Type Restoredef then Enter.

Document Huawei with screenshots and Mac Table: Huawei BM622

Download Config File, type in your browser

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