For Android fans, you must own this application, Android Skin Pack 1.0.
This application will transform your Windows 7 appearance into a nice Android looks.
Like you can see in the preview above,
your Windows 7 become more Android like interface, fresh and personalized.
This is a freeware application, you can download from the link below for free.
Download now and start enhancing your Windows 7!

Android Skin Pack is a nice application to customize your desktop appearance by transforming your Windows 7 into an Android appearance. Comes with user friendly interface, It offers you an easy installation, please disable user account controller and close all running programs before installing and then restart your system when installation process is completed. If you have installed the previously version, you have to uninstall the previous program before installing the new ones.

Installation Guide:

Step 1: Unpack rar archive and go to Android Skin Pack 1.0 Windows 7 (32 bit + 64bit) folder
Step 2: Run installer "Android Skin Pack 1.0 Windows 7 -32 bit-X86.exe" for 32 bit version or "Android Skin Pack 1.0 Windows 7- 64 bit-X64.exe" for 64 bit version of windows 7 
Step 3: Enjoy..

For Installation and Uninstall problem, kindly use this tool:

Skin Packs do all of this tools automatically.

Create Restore Point : use this tools before install skin packs to create restore point.(for back to your setting)

Disable & Enable User Account Control (UAC) : use this tools before install skin packs to disable uac.(for full access in administrator)

Refresh Icon Cache : use this tools after install/unistall or reload skin pack to refresh icons.(if you see icons not changed)

Restore To Original System Files (SFCSCANNOW) : use this tools after unistall skin pack to back to windows 7.(if you see some files not back to windows 7)

7boot : use this tools if your boot screen not back to orginal windows 7 boot screen.

Source: mryoso31 [Symbianize]

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